Energy crisis may increase in India due to Russia-Ukraine war, government starts preparations

Russia-Ukraine war deepened crisis
In fact, due to the Russo-Ukraine war, there has been a huge crisis in the world regarding the availability of crude oil, natural gas and coal. At the same time, in the coming times, where India was about to shift to renewable energy, it has also got a setback. Its effect can be seen once again in the coming times, or if we understand it in simple language, then India’s dependence on coal will increase in future.

The world moving towards coal
Not only because of the Russo-Ukraine war, not only India but there are many countries of the world which have once again indicated to return to coal. Till the Russo-Ukraine war does not stop completely and conditions return to normal, the dependence on coal may continue. Explain that due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the supply of gas in Europe is continuously decreasing and due to the low supply of gas, energy crisis has arisen in Europe. Gas prices are skyrocketing here. Actually, Russia is the gas supplying country in Europe. 

Energy crisis seen in these countries
Not only this, in recent times, the effect of energy crisis has been seen in countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Japan including America. Therefore, India should not have to suffer, the central government has started taking its measures from now on. According to the news of the English newspaper Live Mint, India is planning to set up a strategic gas reserve on the lines of its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) amid the global energy crisis. 

India is working on the plan
According to the report, the government plans to use existing liquefied natural gas (LNG) tunnels and exhausted oil wells to fill strategic petroleum reserves. She is making. At the same time, under this strategy, a plan to build underground infrastructure is also being worked out. At the same time, India has underground strategic oil reserves in Visakhapatnam, Mangalore and Padur, where 5.33 million tonnes are present.

Live Mint reported quoting government officials as saying that the central government would develop infrastructure close to the pipeline so that fuel could be easily retrieved in times of need.

India does not have enough reserves
an official told Live Mint, officials from the government side had gone to Italy to see such infrastructure. The official further said, the scheme was put on hold as the government felt that the country did not have enough network, fertilizers and cooking gas capacity to meet the demand for urban gas distribution. The fertilizer industry, power sector, city gas distribution and steel sector are among the major sectors of India’s energy demand.


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