EPFO File Your E-nomination Like New Registration EPFO ​​Has Given All The Steps

EPFO New Registration : This is going to prove to...

EPFO New Registration : This is going to prove to be news of work for the employees doing government and private jobs. Actually, these employees have their Provident Fund account in Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). In this account, the amount is deposited for his post-employment. However, the entire responsibility of this money is in the hands of EPFO. You get the amount deposited in the PF account after retirement. In this news you are being told how to file e-nomination. EPFO itself has given all the steps to file e-nomination. See how to file e-nomination.

File your e-nomination like this

  • First of all you have to go to EPFO ​​website.
  • After that login with the help of Universal Account Number (UAN) and Password.
  • After this, going to the service tab, click on ‘For Employees’.
  • After this you have to select e-nomination on the Manage tab.
  • After that enter your permanent and temporary address.
  • To change the family declaration, click ‘YES’.
  • Then click on Add Family Details. You can enter more than one nominee.
  • Now enter the other details including the photo of the nominee there. After that you save it.
  • After this, click on Proceed and enter your Aadhaar number.
  • An OTP will come to your mobile. After entering this OTP, the process will be completed.

what is the advantage

New Subscribers 18.36 Lakh
EPFO added 18.36 new subscribers in the month of June, which is 43 percent more than the subscribers in the same period last year.

What to do in case of death of account holder
If a PF account holder dies before retirement. In this situation, the amount deposited in PF is transferred to the nominee of the account holder. EPFO sometimes sends a reminder to the account holders to file e-nomination. With this, you dependents will get this amount easily.

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