UP News: Kumari Shalu, a class nine student of village Kheda on the banks of Chambal river in Etawah, had gone to feed water on the river bank with cattle. He was accompanied by father Jagpat Singh and younger cousin. Where Shalu along with his father gave water to the cattle. But when she herself reached the river bank to drink water, she could not see the crocodile already hidden inside the water. As soon as Shalu sits towards the river, the crocodile attacked Shalu. In the blink of an eye, Shalu was dragged into the river.

Father’s attempt also failed
Seeing his daughter going to death in front of himself, Jagpat Singh could not understand anything. As soon as he ran to save the daughter, the dreaded crocodile attacked the father with his heavy tail and dragged the daughter into the water. Only a handkerchief tied on the daughter’s head could come in the hands of the father. Meanwhile, Jagpat Singh’s niece fell unconscious after seeing this whole incident. After some time Jagpat Singh managed himself and ran towards the village. Gave information about the entire incident to the villagers and the head.

SDRF also tried
After coming along with the villagers, he once again came to the river bank and started trying to find the daughter. In a short while the team of Century reached the spot with motor boat. To find Shalu, the team of Century along with the villagers tried for hours. But in the giant Chambal river, where hundreds of crocodiles are living, it was impossible to find Shalu. Nevertheless, even after 1 day had passed, the SDRF team reached the spot with a motor boat. With the team of Century, an attempt was made to find Shalu’s body by putting a net in the river, but so far no efforts have been made.

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Villagers are warned
The farmer told that although there are hundreds of crocodiles in the Chambal river adjacent to the village, but at the foothills of the village where villagers and their animals go to drink water, there has never been such an attack. Many crocodiles are equally seen in front of the village. The villagers do not go there, but the way the number of crocodiles is increasing day by day. Due to this now a danger has arisen for the villagers. At the same time, the team of Century keeps instructing the villagers not to go to the river banks from the month of April to the month of June. By forming a monitoring committee, people are asked not to go to the forest and Chambal river by going from village to village.

second death in a month
In the month of April, alligators and crocodiles lay eggs in the Chambal river. They hide them in the sand on the banks of the river. In the month of June, when the chicks come out of the eggs and go into the water, till then crocodiles and alligators keep wandering along the river to guard their eggs. In such a situation, seeing the danger of danger, crocodiles attack violently. In the last one month, two children, including Shalu, have died on the banks of the Chambal river. In February, the team of Chambal Century had counted alligators and crocodiles. Where 1200 alligators and 700 crocodiles were seen in the Chambal river flowing in the area of ​​Etawah district.

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