Etawah News Mining Officer Subhash Singh Received Death Threats Over Phone ANN | Etawah News: Mining officer Subhash Singh received death threat over phone in Etawah, know

Etawah News: Due to continuous action on illegal overload mining...

Etawah News: Due to continuous action on illegal overload mining in Etawah, the mining officer of the district has received death threats. The person who threatened said that we will not only die by hanging but will kill you first. Let us inform that due to the action on the overloaded mining mafia, there has been a stir in the mining mafia. In this regard, Etawah SP said that the case has been written on the basis of the complaint given by the mining officer. The surveillance team has been given the responsibility for the speedy arrest of the person threatening by tracing this number.

What is the whole matter?
A call has been received from the phone number of Madhya Pradesh to threaten mining officer Subhash Singh. Those who were threatened during checking. By taking strict action on illegal mining, Subhash Singh has so far recovered crores of rupees in revenue. Along with this, in 24 hours, for 18 hours continuously, giving duty on the picket. In such a situation, the mining mafia is blown away, due to which the mining mafia has threatened the mining officer Subhash Singh through phone that we will die by hanging but will kill you first. The mining officer informed the District Magistrate and SSP about the said matter over the phone.

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said this in threat
On Monday, a call was received on the CUG number of Mining Officer Subhash Singh and the man started making threats, claiming himself to be a resident of Gwalior. Threatened and said that we will die ourselves, but will kill you first. In this regard, SP City Kapil Dev Singh said that a surveillance team has been deployed to trace the phone number on the complaint of the mining officer. Soon the accused will be arrested.

Mafia troubled by the ban on illegal mining
Mining officer Subhash Singh said that we are continuously taking action against the mining mafia. Due to which the mafia involved in illegal overloading is upset. Due to which such a mafia has done this by getting upset due to the closure of its illegal work. But I am not afraid of any such threat.

Let us tell you that the game of illegal overload transport passing through Etawah of UP, originating from Sindh river in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, has been going on for years, which remains a big hurdle for the administration to rein in. Because in the name of overload huge amount is distributed by mining mafia in Etawah. If sources of mining mafia are to be believed, an overloaded truck has to spend up to 20 thousand rupees to leave Etawah, due to which it becomes difficult to rein in overloaded transport.

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