Etawah Two Lioness Jasica And Jennifer Got Pregnant In Etawah Lion Safari Ann

UP News: After the death of Sher Manan, who is...

UP News: After the death of Sher Manan, who is called the God Father of Etawah Lion Safari, Babbar lions named Kanha and Sultan have taken over the responsibility of increasing the clan. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the safari after the news of two lionesses named Jessica and Jennifer being pregnant. Both lioness will give birth to cubs in September. At present, there is a family of 17 Babbar lions including lions, lioness and cubs in the safari. After the lioness became pregnant, both have been kept in a separate cell in a peaceful environment.

9 cubs born between 2016 and 2020

Babbar Sher Manan died of skin cancer on June 13 at the breeding centre. Sultan and Simba were born in October 2016 for the first time in Safari from Sher Manan and Jessica. After this, Babbar Sher Bahubali was born in January 2018 from the meeting of Manan and Jessica. In June 2019, once again Lion India, Lioness Roopa and Sona were born. In December 2020, lioness Gargi and Neerja were born while in April 2020, Babbar Sher Kesari was born to Manan and lioness Jennifer. After Manan’s death, where there was despair in the safari, now once again there is an atmosphere of happiness in the safari after the news of the pregnancy of Jessica and Jennifer.

Special preparations are going on in Safari

Safari’s biologist BN Singh said that the pregnancy report of two lionesses of Safari, Jessica and Jennifer, has come positive. The meeting of both these lioness with Babbar Sher Kanha was done at the end of May. Before the meeting of lions and lioness, both are kept in the surrounding cell 3-4 months before. Both are released together. The behavior of both is studied closely. The gestation period of lioness is 105 days. Preparations are started as soon as the information of pregnancy is received. Both lioness Jessica and Jennifer have been kept in a separate cell in a peaceful environment which is being closely monitored. There will be good news in the next one month.

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Lions were brought from Gir in Gujarat

Sher Manan and Kanha, lioness Jessica and Jennifer were brought to Etawah Lion Safari from Gir in Gujarat. At the same time, preparations are being made for the meeting of Babbar Sher Sultan and lioness Gargi, who were born in the safari itself. After contemplating in the Etawah Lion Safari, the responsibility of increasing the family of Babbar lions has been left to Kanha and Sultan.

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