Delhi Covid-19 News: Since the situation of corona in Delhi has stabilized for the past few days, experts believe that the sub-variant Omicron has found is more frightening than Omicron, but still the infection rate and the number of patients remain stable. Experts say that now the effect of corona is visible, it cannot be called any kind of wave, the infected patients are getting cured in 2-3 days. This time there is neither severity nor admission rate is high.

Experts in Delhi say that now the speed of Corona has slowed down a lot. But this time the variant is more infectious and spreading faster than last time, although this infectious has appeared for a very short time and is now slowly on the verge of calming down, talking about the number of patients increasing, the more The number of patients is increasing as much as tests are being done, but the thing to note is that its infection rate is decreasing.

If we assess the reports of the last 10 days, then it is seen that the rate of infection is now flat. Looking at the graph, it is known that neither it is increasing nor is it decreasing, this means that now there will be no increase in the rate of infection. Now. From yes, its graph will go down, so common people do not need to panic.

This time there is not much seriousness in all the people who are getting infected and neither are there more deaths. All the patients have got mild symptoms of cold, cough, which are getting cured in 2-3 days.

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