Explained Why China And Taiwan Are Enemies How America Involved

China Taiwan Relations: Chinese President Xi Jinping has already said...

China Taiwan Relations: Chinese President Xi Jinping has already said that if necessary, Taiwan will be made part of the mainland by force. China is angered by the US stand on Taiwan and is conducting the largest ever war drill (PLA War Drill) in the sea and sky around the island. At the same time, Taiwan has said that it does not want war with China but has started preparations for it. After all, why there is enmity between China and Taiwan and how America got involved in their issue, let us know.

The battle between Taiwan and China is a century old. The official name of Taiwan is the Republic of China, whereas a hundred years ago the mainland of China was known by this name. In 1644, the Qing dynasty, also known as the Qing dynasty, ruled China and unified China. In China in 1911, there was a Chinese revolution, due to which the Ching dynasty was ousted from power. After this the nationalist Kuomintang Party, also known as the Comingtang Party, and the Communist Party came into existence. There was a conflict between the two. Comingtang Party, which advocated democracy, formed the government. During his reign, the official name of China became Republic of China.

Why doesn’t the controversy end?

In 1949, Communists led by Mao Zedong revolted against the Comingtang government, resulting in a civil war in China. In the long civil war, the Comingtang people were defeated and the survivors settled in the part of Taiwan. There he formed his government and named the island the official name of the Republic of China. On the other hand, the winning communists renamed the mainland as the People’s Republic of China. This is the fight, people on both sides claim representation over the whole of China. Taiwan feels that one day the whole of China will belong to it. At the same time, China wants to make Taiwan a part of the mainland. Since Taiwan does not stand ahead of it in area and strength and resources, then it shows its arbitrariness. Because of this, he formulated the One China Policy. Under which if a country wants to establish diplomatic relations with China, then ties with Taiwan have to be broken.

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America got involved

Curiously, the US did not recognize the People’s Republic of China for decades and maintained its ties with Taiwan, even after a large part of it was occupied by the Communists. In 1950, communist forces had attacked some outskirts of Taiwan, in view of this, America sent ships to help Taiwan, but everything changed after Mao’s death in 1976. When Deng Xiaoping, a social reformer who took over the reins of China, openly expressed his views to the world, US President Jimmy Carter agreed to normalize relations with Beijing and in 1979 there was an agreement between the two countries. According to this agreement, the Carter administration agreed to follow the One Chine Policy, of which Taiwan was also a part. On Carter’s decision, the US Congress passed a law, which stated that the US would supply weapons to Taiwan to defend itself. Since then, on some pretext or the other, the US maintains informal relations with Taiwan, which serves as a grit for China.

What is the latest controversy?

China was furious when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. Even before his visit, he had been warning America of the consequences. Nancy Pelosi has been besieging China for human rights violations for years. Many times she has given statements against China. At the same time, in Taiwan, he does not tolerate the interference of any country. This is the reason why China is showing a strong attitude. As a result, China is conducting the largest ever maneuver in the sea and sky around Taiwan.

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