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Social Media Fake Video Call: If you get a video...

Social Media Fake Video Call: If you get a video call from an unknown number, then there is a great need to be careful. If you get caught in this affair, you may have to lose lakhs of rupees to save your honor. These types of cyber criminals most commonly trap people from UP, Haryana in their nude call scams. Earlier only hacking was done on behalf of cyber criminals, but now the crime of blackmailing is also increasing in it. Cyber ​​thugs have landed on nude call scam through blackmailing. In view of this, we will tell you in detail about how to avoid cyber thugs.

What is nude call scam?

In nude call scam, the criminal will make a video call to you from an unknown number through WhatsApp and Facebook. If you pick up this phone, the criminal will capture your photo or video and then morph it. The criminal will convert your picture into a nude photo or video and threaten to make it viral. In the midst of these threats, he will demand a huge amount from you. Many people get very scared after seeing nude photos or videos and to avoid slander, they become victims of it. At the same time, they are forced to pay the blackmailer according to their demand. To save their reputation, people give money to thugs.

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How do you get caught in the trap?
You will get a message or call from Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media. If you pick it up then a woman will start talking to you. You will become friends while talking, after which she will video call you. You will also join this video call and during this your picture is captured. If you come in front of this video call for even a second, then the person in front will take your picture.

After this, he will try to blackmail you by morphing your picture, creating a video of you and sending it to you. For information, let us tell you that there are very few people who file a case with the police. Recently many such cases have come to the fore. This should not happen to you too, so be careful and safe from unknown video calls.

How To Avoid Nude Call Scam?
If you want to avoid nude call scam, first of all, do not make any unknown person your friend in all the accounts on the social site. First, you should investigate thoroughly about the person who sent the friend request. If you don’t know him, don’t make him your friend. Still, even if you unknowingly make them your friend, then do not receive the video call from him. Even if you receive their video by mistake, then do not bring your face in front of the camera, by this you can avoid this nude call scam.

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