Fardeen Khan Shares Emotional Story Of Feroz Khan On 42 Years Of Qurbani

42 Years Of QurbaniFeroz Khan has been a well-known actor...

42 Years Of QurbaniFeroz Khan has been a well-known actor of Bollywood, who not only spread his acting skills among the audience, but along with this he also directed and produced many great and hit films. One such film of Firoz Khan is ‘Qurbani).’ It has been 42 years since its release.

Significantly, this film of Firoz Khan was released on June 20, 1980, which he produced and directed. After its release, this film proved to be a hit, as well as the record of highest grossing that year, this film also recorded its name. However, when Feroz Khan was making this film, he was very scared about it because he had put everything at stake for it. Which has been disclosed by his son Fardeen Khan recently.

What did Fardeen Khan say?

On the completion of 42 years of the film ‘Qurbani’, Fardeen Khan has revealed through Twitter that Feroz Khan was very scared while making this film.

Fardeen Khan wrote – ‘It has been 42 years since Qurbani was released. Papa used to say about this film that son, I had put my last shirt at stake to make this film. Had it not worked, we would have been on the road.

Fardeen further wrote- ‘Today’s people are not aware of what it took to make a film at that time. Truly blood, sweat and tears.

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