Fatehpur 450 NCC Cadets Will Walk From Village To Village To Make People Aware Of De Addiction Ann

UP News: An officer of National Cadet Corps administered the...

UP News: An officer of National Cadet Corps administered the oath of awareness against drug de-addiction to the children on International Day Against Drug Abuse in Fatehpur district of UP. NCC has started drug de-addiction campaign under which 450 NCC cadets will go to villages and make people aware of drugs. They will inform the people about the ill effects of intoxication.

informed about the effects of drugs

In Fatehpur, Commanding Officer Col OP Sharma participated in the International Drug Prohibition Day program at Maharishi Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya, which was organized in collaboration with NCC cadets. In the program, Colonel OP Sharma informed the children about the ill effects of drugs and they were administered the oath to lead a drug-free life. During this, NCC cadets were carrying slogans and posters in their hands. In one such poster it was written, ‘Whatever the intoxication, it would have been useless, would break the body, bring disease, make it helpless.’

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NCC cadets will make society aware

Addressing the students of the school, Col OP Sharma said that the country’s economy is badly damaged due to drugs. The country becomes hollow inside. Various types of diseases are born due to the consumption of intoxicants, due to which people in the society have to suffer physically and financially. He said that 450 NCC cadets will take this campaign from village to village and will tell in detail about the harm caused by drugs to the people there. These cadets will work to make the society aware.

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