Fever Cases Rising In North Korea, Dictator Kim Jong-un Held An Emergency Meeting

North Korea: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has accused...

North Korea: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has accused the officials of his country of slowness in handling and controlling the increasing cases of Corona. On Wednesday, 232,880 new cases of fever have been registered in North Korea. At the same time, the other six people have died of fever. The country’s Anti-Virus Headquarters says that the fever has been spreading very fast since the end of April, due to which 62 people have died so far, while more than 17 lakh people have become ill and 691,170 people are in isolation.

Experts say that most of the cases are of corona, but North Korea has admitted this to some cases of corona only after the havoc of Omicron last week. Experts believe that if Corona fails to stop the havoc, serious consequences can be seen in North Korea. Due to the deteriorating health system in the country and the negligence of vaccination, 26 million people have lost their lives. According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un has questioned the authorities and expressed concern that medicines are not being supplied on time.

Kim Jong Un has ordered his army to join Pyongyang to fight the epidemic. According to the Korean Central News Agency, the officials have claimed that they will deal with this epidemic. On the other hand, Kim Jong Un was seen wearing a mask for the first time last week. North Korea has rejected the offers made to help South Korea such as medicine, vaccines, and health workers. Experts say that North Korea can take help from its ally China.

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