Financial Literacy Survey Survey By Muvin And Momspresso 70% Teenagers Are Interested In Investing Cryptocurrency

Survey by Muvin and Momspresso: The country's two largest online...

Survey by Muvin and Momspresso: The country’s two largest online financial companies, Muvin and Momspresso, have conducted a survey. Children studying in class 7 to 12 and their parents have been included in this survey. Such interesting revelations have been made in this survey. It has been found from the survey that about 96% of the parents of adolescents feel that their children do not have accurate financial information. It is worth noting that Muvin is one such pocket money app which is specially designed for teenage children only.

On the other hand, Momspresso.com, launched in the year 2010, is a popular platform to empower and invest in women. In the survey conducted by both these platforms, there is more tendency of teenagers from nowadays towards digital financial information.

The growing cryptocurrency craze among teenagers
It has been found from this survey that the craze of digital payment among children has increased very fast. Along with this, 93% of children have expressed their desire to get information about digital payments. At the same time, only 22% of children are aware of this safety and how to use it. At the same time, 93% of parents feel that their children are interested in keeping information about the digital medium. At the same time, some shocking revelations have also been made from this Financial Literacy Survey regarding Cryptocurrency. This shows that the craze for cryptocurrencies has increased significantly among teenagers and youth. 70% of youth want to invest in crypto once.

Indian teens more financially independent than ever before
According to the report published in Live Mint, about 600 Indian children were included in this Financial Literacy Survey who study in classes 7 to 12. Mukund Rao, founder of Muvin Pocket App, has told about this survey that it is clear from this survey that today’s Suva generation has become more independent than before. She gives her independent opinion in everything whether it is fashion, gadget or financial knowledge. On the other hand, Prashant Sinha, founder and CEO of Momspresso.com, has said that awareness about financial knowledge has increased among the youth of today and it will increase more in the coming times.

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