Folic Acid For Men’s Health: Vitamin B-9 ie folic acid is very important to keep the body healthy. Deficiency of folic acid in men leads to baldness and also affects fertility. Due to lack of folic acid in the body, immunity becomes weak and you are vulnerable to diseases early. Folic acid helps in increasing fertility in men and keeping away serious problems like cancer. Apart from this, folic acid is also effective in reducing stress. Know why folic acid is important for the body? What are the benefits of folic acid?

Folic Acid Deficiency Symptoms

graying of hair
sore mouth
Peptic ulcer problem
having loose motion
Swelling of tongue
Decreased physical development

Benefits Of Folic Acid

1- Increase infertility in men- Folic acid is one of the essential vitamins for men’s health. Most of the men are troubled by the problem of infertility. In such a situation, folic acid is considered important for improving the infertility capacity of men.

2- Prevent hair fall- The problem of hair loss increases when there is a deficiency of folic acid. In such a situation, if you want to prevent hair loss, then take the right amount of folic acid in the diet. Baldness starts in men when there is less folic acid in the body. To prevent hair loss, include folic acid in the diet.

3- Necessary for pregnancy- Folic acid is the first thing given to women during pregnancy. Folic acid helps in the development and brain development of the unborn baby. Women must include foods rich in folic acid in their diet.

4- Reduce stress- There is a lot of stress in everyone’s life these days. You should also consume folic acid to avoid stress. The problem of stress is seen more in men. In such a situation, you should consume folic acid to avoid stress.

5- Protect from cancer- Vitamin B9 also helps in protecting you from serious diseases like cancer. It has been found in many researches that cancer cells do not develop due to the consumption of folic acid. This keeps you away from the risk of cancer.

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