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Mission Beginning: India's first private sector rocket Vikram S is...

Mission Beginning: India’s first private sector rocket Vikram S is ready for launch. This launch will be done on November 18 at 11.30 am from Sriharikota. This rocket has been made by Hyderabad-based company Skyroot Aerospace and will have three consumer payloads. This mission has been named Prarambh.

ISRO had windowed Skyroot Aerospace from November 12 to November 16 for the launch of this mission, but in view of the weather conditions, it has now been fixed on November 18. There is no doubt that till now ISRO has launched many of its rockets, but this will be the first time that ISRO will launch a mission of a private company from its launching pad.

First private space company to launch rocket

With this mission, Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace will become the first private space company to launch a rocket into space. It can also be called historical because with this mission, the private space sector will get a big boost. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has been motivating the private sector for launching the mission. In the year 2020, the doors of the private sector were opened.

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What is Vikram-S?

Vikram-S is a single stage rocket, which is a sub-orbital launch vehicle. Which will take off from Sriharikota with three payloads. It is part of Skyroot’s Vikram series of rockets. Skyroot Aerospace has named the rocket Vikram, after Vikram Sarabhai, the father of the space programme. This company manufactures state-of-the-art launch vehicles for commercial satellite launch.

What is the specialty of this mission

Vikram S rocket will fly with a satellite weighing 2.5 kg for students from America, Indonesia and India. The special thing is that 80 students of class 6th to 12th, along with their grandparents, have made the satellite of Space Kids Chennai’s start-up company. It has been developed in about 8 to 9 months, which has been named FunSat. One of the three payloads is a foreign satellite.

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