Former CM Babulal Marandi Blamed State Government For Jharkhand Violence Exclusive Ann

Babulal Marandi Exclusive: Former Jharkhand Chief Minister (Jharkhand Ex CM)...

Babulal Marandi Exclusive: Former Jharkhand Chief Minister (Jharkhand Ex CM) and BJP Legislature Party leader Babulal Marandi attacked the state government fiercely in a special conversation with ABP News. He has held the Hemant Soren government responsible for the Jharkhand violence. He said that the Jharkhand government keeps a soft corner towards the accused of violence. Not only this, posters of the miscreants were taken down at the behest of the government. He also said that the police is working under the pressure of the government.

The agencies of the Government of India had already warned that violence could erupt. Even then not enough policemen were deployed and violence broke out. The state government is responsible. The state government is supportive of the miscreants.

Hemant Soren became CM for looting

When the Chief Minister was questioned by the journalists on the Ranchi violence, he said that should we also leave with petrol and diesel? I want to say that absolutely you should hit the road. You should have stopped the violence by taking to the streets. Babulal said that Hemant has become the chief minister to sleep in the house. Remains chief minister to take mining lease, loot sand and coal

Marandi on the arrest of Nawab Chishti of Gangs of Wasseypur

When he was asked that Nawab Chishti, the admin of the Gangs of Wasseypur group, has been arrested. Whose photo (Photo) with the leaders of the alliance, his photo is getting viral. On this, Babulal Marandi said that many types of people come to meet the leaders. Take photos. This matter should be investigated.

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