Former Union Minister Arvind Netam Raised Questions On His Own Government Regarding PESA Act Ann

Bastar News: Former Union Agriculture Minister of Sarva Adivasi Samaj...

Bastar News: Former Union Agriculture Minister of Sarva Adivasi Samaj and Congress in Bastar and senior tribal of Bastar on the rules made by the state government regarding PESA Act in the Fifth Schedule of the state. Leader Arvind Netam has objected. He said that these rules have been made to dilute the PESA law. The rules made by the government have destroyed the very soul of the PESA Act. Netam said that he would soon meet the Chief Minister regarding these rules and ask him to reconsider it.

Will meet Chief Minister regarding change in rules
In fact, the tribal leaders of Bastar say that in 1996, the PESA Act was passed to establish self-government in the areas of the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution. There are a total of 10 states in the country that are fully or partially covered under this law, out of which five had already made rules to implement the PESA law. He said that the Bhupesh government in Chhattisgarh has made rules to implement the PESA law, but the rules made with the basic spirit of this law are not doing justice.

Tribal society angry about the new rules

They say that the constitutional powers of the Gram Sabha have been dwarfed in front of the district administration, or rather its value has been reduced. The provision of consent of Gram Sabhas before land acquisition in any area has been limited to consultation only, which is not right. The entire tribal society has an objection to this and the tribal society is taking this matter seriously. Netam further said that the people of other tribal communities of Bastar are also being discussed about this, Arvind Netam said that the government will be asked to reconsider and amend the rules of PESA law. For this, soon the head of the tribal society of Bastar will meet the Chief Minister regarding this matter.

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