France’s Vaccination Chief Said We Are Facing A New Wave Of Covid | Covid-19 In France: Kovid cases are increasing continuously in France, said Vaccination Chief

Covid-19 in France: French vaccination chief Alain Fischer said on...

Covid-19 in France: French vaccination chief Alain Fischer said on Wednesday that France is facing a new wave of COVID-19 infections, induced by new forms of the disease. More than 95,000 daily new cases a day ago are the highest in the last two months. Speaking on France 2 television, Fischer said that there is no doubt that the outbreak of the epidemic has increased once again in the country. He said that he was personally in favor of wearing a mandatory face mask on public transport. He said, “The question is: ‘How much intensity is this wave?

Cases are increasing in other countries,
Other European countries, notably Portugal, are also seeing an increase due to the two new Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), they have the potential to become a leader in this field.

The ECDC said that these variants do not carry a higher risk of serious disease than other forms of Omicron, but as they are somewhat more contagious, they may lead to increased hospitalizations and deaths. Traditionally there is a two-week delay between the trends in cases and hospitalizations and then a similar delay with respect to COVID-deaths.

cases are increasing continuously,
New infections in France have been rising steadily since the end of May, with the seven-day moving average of daily new cases nearly tripling between May 27’s figure of 17,705 and Tuesday’s 50,402. However, this total is still seven times less than the record 366,179 reached at the beginning of the year.

The number of people hospitalized for the disease fell to a six-month low of 13,876 on Saturday, but rose by 458 to 14,334 in the past three days, a nearly three-week high. The death toll from Kovid-19 in France increased by 56 to 149,162 in 24 hours on Tuesday.

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