Friend Attacked Naseeruddin Shah Due To This Reason, This Actor Saved Him

Naseeruddin Shah Life facts: This thing is from the year...

Naseeruddin Shah Life facts: This thing is from the year 1977. Director Shyam Benegal was shooting for the film ‘Bhumika’. Smita Patil-Amol Palekar, Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah were working together in this film. One day after finishing the shooting, Naseer Sahab and Om Puri went to eat food at a dhaba near the set. Then Om Puri saw that his best friend Jaspal was fast approaching him. Before Om Puri could understand anything, Jaspal attacked Naseeruddin Shah with a sharp weapon.

Om Puri caught Jaspal’s hand without delay and did not leave him until he released the knife from his hand. Naseer was covered in blood from the first blow. After this Om Puri somehow brought Naseeruddin Shah out of the dhaba and informed the police. Police arrested Jaspal and in this way Om Puri saved the life of friend Naseeruddin Shah by playing on his life.

Referring to this incident, Naseeruddin Shah wrote in his book that he considered Jaspal to be his best friend, but he started jealous of his success and that is why he did this act. That day Om Puri took him to the hospital in a police car. He was my true friend. He could do anything to save my life.

By the way, Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah were friends from the time of National School of Drama (NSD). After completing 4 years of studies in NSD, both of them did acting course together at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune. After this, in 1976, both of them shifted to Mumbai to become actors. Naseer had also said in the interview that after seeing a photo of Mary and Om Puri during NSD, Shabana Azmi had said how can two such ugly people dare to become actors.

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