From East To West Rain Caused Havoc Bad Condition Due To Flood In Assam Vehicles Washed Away In Flood In Nashik

Nashik Heavy Rainfall: There has been devastation in many parts...

Nashik Heavy Rainfall: There has been devastation in many parts of the country after heavy rain. There is a bad situation in the states from East to West. On the one hand, where Assam is in bad shape due to floods. Entire Assam is submerged. Army and NDRF are engaged in relief and rescue, while in Nashik, Maharashtra, rain has also made trouble. The flow here is so much that it is difficult to even stand up, even the carriages are flowing.

In Assam, the sky disaster has wreaked havoc. Villages have become rivers and roads have turned into ponds. Village villages have been submerged in water. The army has taken over the command for relief and rescue. In the pictures of relief and rescue from Chirang in Assam, a large number of people are trapped amidst the flood and they are being pulled out with the help of rope. The jawans are no less than an angel for these people.

There is a big problem with food and drink

One by one the soldiers took everyone out safely. Not only Chirang, the situation is more or less the same in most of the districts of Assam. Water has entered the houses in Bongaigaon. The whole family is imprisoned in the middle of the water. There is no such house left in this village which is not submerged in water. The biggest problem in front of people is about eating and drinking. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa visited flood-affected areas in Nagaon to see the plight of floods in Assam and directed people to be shifted to a safe place at the earliest.

The vehicle got washed away in the flow of water, people kept watching

In Nashik, Maharashtra, the road was flooded due to heavy rains. The flow of water in Nashik is bent on taking everything with it. The flow of water in the streets is so fast that it is difficult to even stand in the middle of it. Due to heavy rain here on Wednesday, there was a sudden flood in the streets. As long as people started flowing in the flow of calm water, everything started flowing.

Something like this in Nashik

Two youths were standing on the side of the road holding the bike and two scooties have fallen in the middle of the water on the middle road. These young men somehow pull the bike out of the middle of the water. Meanwhile another young man comes there. As soon as these people gathered courage and entered the midst of the flood to take out the scooty, the scooty started flowing and the youths kept looking at the frustrated and disappointed car. Meanwhile, on the other hand, some youths try to get the scooty out. In the Bhadrakali area of ​​Nashik, everyone was seen struggling to save their respective vehicles.

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