General Awareness Questions: If you are preparing for any exam, then it is very important to have strong general knowledge. These days things related to general knowledge are asked in the interviews of most of the recruitment examinations. Especially in UPSC interviews, there is a lot of emphasis on these types of questions.

1- Question: An animal that sleeps with its eyes open.
Answer: Alligators sleep with their eyes open.

2- Question: Which animal has such a digestive power that it can digest nails too?
Answer: Crocodile is an animal that can digest nails.

3- Question: What color can an owl see?
Answer: Owl sees only blue color.

4- Question: The only country where white colored elephants are found?
Answer: Thailand is the only country in the world where white elephants are found.

5- Question: A fish that swims in water, flies in the air and walks on land?
Answer: Giant fish is one such fish. That which floats in water, flies in air and walks on land.

6- Question: Which is such a creature, whose brain is bigger than its body?
Answer: The brain of an ant is bigger than its body.

7- Question: What happens due to harmful ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun?
Answer: Skin cancer.

8- Question: Which animal gives both milk and egg?
Answer: Platypus is such an animal that gives both milk and egg.

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