Ghaziabad Latest News: In Ghaziabad’s Yashoda Hospital, Nehru Nagar, a team of doctors has saved the life of a two-month-old baby by performing surgery. The child was suffering from a rare type of cancer and is now completely healthy. Saved the child’s life by performing cancer surgery. The team of doctors who were involved in this operation. He is an ex army man. All of them have served in the army. He also saw this operation as an army mission.

According to the information, the two-month-old child was taken to the hospital by his family members. Who had a tumor in the jaw. The family members were very upset due to this disease. First of all, this disease was caught by doctor AK Tyagi. Immediate biopsy was suggested. After this, Dr Ajay prepared the report in a single day. The child had a rare disease (Melatonic neuro ectodermal tumor of infancy). According to medical reports, a total of 500 such cases have been reported all over the world in 100 years.

The intensity of the spread of cancer in this disease is very fast. Delay makes the disease unfit for operation, the team of doctors included AK Tyagi, Dr. Navdeep Sethi, Dr. Major General B.N. Kapoor, Dr. Col Parwaz Alam. Dr Ajay Malik also worked like a team. The part of the child’s jaw which was affected by cancer, it was decided to have it removed from the operation. The baby was 2 months old so it was a complicated surgery which was completed by the doctors of Yashoda Hospital. Now the child is completely healthy. Successful surgery was done in five hours.

The child was kept in picu for 05 days under the protection of Dr. Major Sachin Dubey. On the fifth day, the child was discharged from the hospital in the condition of drinking milk. This family had reached here from Agra. This task was completed like a military operation by the team of all the doctors.

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