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Gonda Schools: The news is from Gonda, where after the...

Gonda Schools: The news is from Gonda, where after the budget of about 13.17 crores from the government in 2611 council schools of the district, the principal of the school is not taking interest in the purchase of sports material and riding the school. When the data of purchase of sports equipment was sought from the Government by the Department of Basic Education, then the Basic Education Officer came to know about it. Now they have started sending notices to the principals who are not interested in the purchase of sports equipment.

Sports kit purchase started after notice
After sending the notice, the process of buying sports kit has started in some schools. When the process of sports material is completed in 2611 council schools of the district, even after that the education department will conduct random investigation, if the deficiencies are found after investigation, action will be taken against the principal. But the way in which the principals of schools are not taking interest in buying sports equipment after the budget from the government is a big question.

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Action will be taken if defects are found
On the other hand, Akhilesh Pratap Singh, the Basic Education Officer of the district, says that money had come to buy sports material in the council schools, some of which were not being taken interest by the teachers. Now teachers have started buying sports material. Purchasing process is going on. When the purchase is completed, random checks will be done, then action will be taken if defects are found. Before the summer vacation, when the schools were traced, after which we came to know. In this notice was issued to the principal. There is a kit of children’s play items in it.

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