Gonda The Arbitrariness Of The Kotdar Poor Are Being Weighed Less Ration Ann | Gonda News: Kotdar’s arbitrariness came to the fore in Gonda, people accused of giving less ration, know

Free Ration Scheme: In Gonda of UP, the central and...

Free Ration Scheme: In Gonda of UP, the central and state government is continuously delivering free food grains to every house, so middlemen are cutting the goods. Kotedars are robbing the food grains of the poor, less food grains are being distributed per unit to the foodgrain card holders. The foodgrain card holders are busy making their living with the food grains they are getting without any complaint. The latest case is of Gajadharpur in Itiathok block area of ​​Gonda, where the arbitrariness of the Kotdar has come to the fore.

Kotdar’s arbitrariness came in front

According to the news, in Gajadharpur Gram Panchayat, by not doing the work of the real Kotedar, the Kotedars are running their representation. Not only this, the Kotadar is giving less ration per unit in front of their eyes by deducting the card holder from the card holder. The card holders who came to get food grains say that we do not say anything, every time we get less ration, while on the whole matter, the Kotdar has said that there is no disturbance in our place. We also get less, so we give less ration to the card holders. Along with this, he said that our home is far away, so our ration is distributed with them.
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District supply officer assured of action
On this whole matter, District Supply Officer of the district Surendra Yadav says that till now we had not received any such information. Information has been received through you that fraud is taking place here. Investigation will be done on the complaint of scam and strict action will be taken against the guilty who will be found after investigation, till now no kotedar has told that less food grains are given at the time of lifting of food grains, if any such complaint is received, action will be taken on that too. But if the manner in which the fraud is being done per unit, then action will be taken against that Kotdar.

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