Good News From Shanghai City, After Months Not A Single Case Of Corona Came To The Fore

China Covid-19 UpdateThe latest outbreak of the epidemic in China...

China Covid-19 UpdateThe latest outbreak of the epidemic in China has subsided after months of lockdown and other restrictions. Shanghai on Saturday reported not a single case of Kovid-19 for the first time since March. Let us tell you that China is the last major economy to commit to a zero-covid policy, in which infection is prevented through targeted lockdown, mass testing and long quarantine periods.

Long lockdown imposed in Shanghai
Shanghai’s economic hub faced a month-long lockdown this spring following the Covid boom caused by a rapidly spreading Omicron variant. But in recent times the infection has slowed down. “There were no new domestic COVID-19 confirmed cases and no new domestic asymptomatic infections in Shanghai,” the city administration said in a statement on Saturday.

Lockdown lifted from most people in June
The lockdown on Shanghai’s 25 million residents was mostly lifted in early June, but the metropolis struggled to return to normalcy as some areas imposed restrictions on new infections. Two weeks ago, lakhs of people in the city were again temporarily locked down after the government ordered a fresh mass testing campaign.

China insists on zero covid policy
While China emphasizes that a zero-COVID policy is necessary to prevent a health-related disaster, officials cite unequally distributed medical resources and low vaccination rates among the elderly as major concerns. is indicated in. But this strategy has affected the world’s second-largest economy and the country witnessed rare protests due to extreme strictness.

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