Good News: Roche Pharma has also launched a drug for the treatment of breast cancer in India. The pharma company itself gave this information. Actually the company has introduced this medicine under the name Phasga. This medicine is prepared by combining two monoclonal antibodies Perjeta and Herceptin with Hyaluronidase.

Quality of life will improve
V Simpson Emmanuel, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Roche Pharma, while talking about this medicine launched in India said that Phesga is a leading medicine , which will reduce the time taken in the treatment of patients suffering from breast cancer and improve their quality of life. Along with this, he said that patients suffering from cancer and their caregivers will no longer have to make rounds of the hospital. Now they will have to come and take this injection just once, which will save their time. Fesgo was first approved by the US drug administrator, USFDA, in June 2020 during the COVID pandemic.

When was approved in India
This drug got approval from the European Medicines Agency in December 2020. In India, the Fesga was approved by DCGI in October 2021 and got the import license in January 2022. Pharmaceutical company Fasgo says that globally more than 17,000 breast cancer patients have benefited from this EY till December 2021.  

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