Gopalganj: On Thursday, a complainant, who reached the office of the Sidhwalia Circle Officer of the district with a complaint, died. As soon as the news of the death was received, there was panic in the circle office. In a hurry, the circle personnel took the complainant to the hospital for treatment, where the doctors declared him dead. The deceased complainant was a retired army soldier, Harihar Prasad Sahni, a resident of Kateya village of Kashi Tengrahi Panchayat under Sidhavaliya police station area.

The relatives who arrived after getting information about this have made serious allegations against Sidhwalia CO. The relatives say that they were shocked by the scolding of the CO and died. There was a ruckus about this whole day near the circle office. However, later the police handled the matter and pacified the family members after persuading them. Police has sent the body to Sadar Hospital for post-mortem.

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The family alleges that Harihar Sahni had been circling for months in the office of the Circle Officer regarding the complaint related to the land. On Thursday, CO Abhishek Kumar was found in the office, to whom he started narrating his complaint. During this he died. Since the death of Harihar Sahni, the family members have been accusing the CO of torture.

CO denied these allegations

Sidhavalia’s CO Abhishek Kumar said that Harihar Sahni had reached with his complaint. As soon as he entered the office, he started staggering and became unconscious. After this, the circle personnel shouldered him and took him to the hospital by ambulance, where the doctor declared him dead. The CO said that no one has scolded and reprimanded in my office and they could not even talk to him yet.

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