Gorakhpur Geeta Press Has Brought A Machine Worth 20 Million From Switzerland For Sewing Books Ann

Gorakhpur Gita Press News: Due to the increasing demand for...

Gorakhpur Gita Press News: Due to the increasing demand for religious books printed from Gita Press of Gorakhpur and due to non-fulfillment, Gita Press Management is asking for state-of-the-art machines for sewing pages. This machine made in Germany is being imported from Switzerland. Its cost is two crore rupees. Its production center is also Switzerland. The weight of this machine is very high. It is being brought by ship through waterways. This machine will come in the month of July. With its arrival, the sewing capacity of pages in Gita Press will increase by 25 percent. This will also speed up the supply of books.

Demand for religious books of Gita Press increased

Devi Dayal Aggarwal, trustee of Gita Press, Gorakhpur, told that this machine is made of state-of-the-art technology. There are four sewing machines in Geeta Press. But the machine that is being imported is very state-of-the-art. The sewing capacity of this machine is 5 thousand in one minute and around 80 thousand in 12 hours. He told that it will take a month for this machine to come here by water ship. The company’s engineers will come and set the machine. With the arrival of this machine, the production capacity will increase, so that the demand for religious books can be met at the earliest.

A modern machine floated for sewing books

Devi Dayal Aggarwal told that this is a Germany made machine of Muller Martini Company. Its production center is Switzerland. From there this machine is being imported. He told that three state-of-the-art printing machines have been installed in Gita Press. But the pace of production has been slow due to less sewing machines. To increase the production, the production will be accelerated by installing state-of-the-art sewing machines. With this they will be able to fulfill the demand of the readers. This machine will come to Gita Press in the last week of July.

Book stitching can be done 25 percent faster
Due to the increase in the demand for books, about 300 types of books have become unavailable from the market. It also includes many versions of Gita, Shri Ramcharitmanas etc. In view of these problems, it was decided to order new machines. The press already has six web printing and seven seatfed machines. Another seatfed machine was ordered in 2020, which prints in four colors. Two web machines have also arrived this year. Due to these, the printing capacity increased, but due to less sewing machines, it was taking time to prepare the books.
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New books will be ready faster
The press already has four sewing machines, now with the arrival of a new machine, the sewing capacity will increase. This machine has the capacity to sew 200 firms (one form is of 32 pages) in a minute. But initially this machine will be operated at 160 forma per minute sewing capacity. In this way, this machine will be able to stitch five thousand pages in a minute. Five librarian books can be stitched in a minute. Year wise from April to March, 5813.17 lakh books have been sold in 2019-20, 5217.07 lakh in 2020-21, 7762.27 books in 2021-22.

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