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Uttar Pradesh News: The whole country is celebrating the 75th...

Uttar Pradesh News: The whole country is celebrating the 75th year of independence as the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. In such a situation, the feeling of patriotism is being awakened in the mind of every country lover. Everyone is looking eager to participate in the nectar festival of freedom in their own way. The festival of independence is also being celebrated in Gorakhpur, the city of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. People and children of Muslim society took out the Tiranga Yatra from the madrassa here. During this, the slogan of Hindustan Zindabad continued to resonate.

Children and people studying in madrasa joined
From Rusulpur Madrasa Aljamia Islamia Madrasa in Gorakhpur, people of Muslim society took out a tricolor yatra with the slogan of ‘Hindustan Zindabad’. The tricolor journey from this madrasa located behind the Gorakhnath temple ended at Jamianagar madrasa via Jamianagar, Nathmalpur, Gorakhnath, Dussehri Bagh in the city. Along with the people of the Muslim community of the city, hundreds of children studying in the madrassa also participated in the Tiranga Yatra. All the streets through which the Tiranga Yatra passed with a group of people and children studying in the madrasa wearing netted caps welcomed him.

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What did the BJP Minority Morcha media in-charge say?
Irfan Ahmed, regional media in-charge of BJP Minority Morcha, said that, in the 75th year of the country’s independence, the tricolor yatra is being taken out. He said that he starts any work from this madrasa. From plantation to other events also take place from this madrasa. He said that today people and children of Muslim society from Jamianagar Madrasa are involved in this tricolor yatra. They want to give a message to the country and to the world that even the Muslim of the country is ready to die in every way for the country.

Everyone is participating enthusiastically in this – Irfan Ahmed
Irfan Ahmed told that, there is a lot of enthusiasm about the Amrit Festival of Independence. Especially the enthusiasm is being seen in the children. Remembering the sacrifices of the martyrs, the children are full of enthusiasm. Netted cap is the identity of the people of Muslim society. Today is the day of tricolor yatra and independence. Those people have participated in the tricolor yatra in the Amrit festival of the country. This tricolor yatra, which came out from the madrasa located behind the Gorakhnath temple, has given a message to the country and the world that everyone is participating enthusiastically in the nectar festival of freedom.

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