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Fayde Moong Dal For Health: To stay healthy, you must...

Fayde Moong Dal For Health: To stay healthy, you must include pulses in the diet. Lentils are rich in protein. Eating lentils provides calcium, potassium, vitamins and fiber. Children should be fed pulses daily. Eating pulses keeps the body healthy. You must eat pulses daily. You should eat moong dal in summer and rain. It is very light and digestible. If the stomach is upset then it is advisable to eat moong dal khichdi. The digestive system becomes weak in the rain, so you should eat moong dal. Let us know the benefits of eating moong dal.

benefits of eating moong dal

  • Moong dal is very digestible. Include it in your diet.
  • Eating moong dal in summer gives coolness to the stomach.
  • In case of stomach upset or constipation, you should eat moong dal khichdi.
  • If the child has diarrhea, then he should be given water of moong dal.
  • It is beneficial to give moong dal water to the baby in the beginning.
  • Moong dal has very few calories, which is also helpful in weight loss.
  • By eating moong dal, the body gets energy for a long time.
  • After illness, moong dal should be eaten to remove physical weakness.

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