Gujarat Assembly Election 10 Questions Reveal Mood Of People In ABP News CVoter Survey

Gujarat ABP News C-Voter Survey: Barely 15 days are left...

Gujarat ABP News C-Voter Survey: Barely 15 days are left for the Gujarat assembly elections. The first phase of polling will be held on December 1. About two weeks before the polling, the results of the ABP News C-Voter Survey (ABP News C-Voter Survey) are showing the mood of the people of Gujarat.

The first challenge for any ruling party is to retain the chair. BJP has been holding the chair of CM in Gujarat for 27 years. The Congress or the Aam Aadmi Party is also projecting this as an election issue. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal says that he should get a chance in Gujarat. BJP is hoping for Modi magic to work once again. However, it is also presenting the figures of the work done in the election campaigns.

Knowing the mood of the public

As the polling date is nearing, there is only one issue in Gujarat at the moment – ​​the elections. After five years, once again the public is excited for this festival of democracy. However, the way the parties make attractive promises in the campaigns during elections, it is not easy for the public to form an opinion for any party or candidate many times. After all, in this environment and for ABP News, C-Voter conducted an opinion poll, in which it tried to take public opinion on many questions. Some questions related to the recent important developments in the politics of Gujarat were asked. People actively participated in the survey and gave answers. Let us understand through these ten questions of the survey that what is the mood of the people of Gujarat.

News Reels

In elections, a single slogan sometimes works wonders and sometimes it also brings the party into disrepute. In this election too, new slogans came up for the parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the slogan ‘Aa Gujarat main banavyu chhe’ which means I have made this Gujarat. In a rally in Valsad, the PM made people chant this slogan. Will this slogan benefit or harm BJP? When this question was asked to the public, the public replied something like this.

PM Narendra Modi’s slogan ‘Aa Gujarat Main Banavyu Chhe’ will benefit or harm BJP?

  • Profit – 48%
  • Loss – 42%
  • No effect – 10%

Will BJP’s poster campaign ‘I am happy’ create an environment for it?

  • Yes – 49%
  • No – 51%

Benefit or loss to the party due to denial of tickets to veteran BJP leaders?

  • Profit-42%
  • loss-48%
  • no effect – 10%

AAP will gain or lose by making Ishudan Gadhvi the chief ministerial candidate?

  • Profit – 53%
  • Loss – 32%
  • No effect – 15%

AAP’s benefit or loss due to Indranil Rajguru’s return to Congress?

  • Profit – 36%
  • Loss – 42%
  • No effect – 22%

Himanshu Vyas, Bhagwan Bhai, Mohan Singh Rathwa leaving the party will benefit or harm the Congress?

  • Profit – 41%
  • Loss – 41%
  • No effect – 18%

AAP’s gain or loss from Gujarat elections along with MCD elections in Delhi?

  • Profit – 41%
  • Damage – 40%
  • No effect – 19%

How big is the Owaisi factor in Gujarat?

  • very large – 44%
  • less big – 25%
  • Not a factor – 31%

Muslim voters in Gujarat have a choice about the party?

  • Congress- 47%
  • You – 25%
  • Owaisi – 9%
  • BJP- 19%

Will Asaduddin Owaisi’s Slaughter House bet in Gujarat affect the elections?

  • Yes – 24%
  • No – 76%

Note: This survey has been done by C-Voter for ABP News. In the survey, 2,666 people of Gujarat were talked to. The results of the survey are completely based on the interaction with the people and the opinion given by them. ABP News is not responsible for this. The margin of error in the survey is plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 percent.

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