Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 | Gujarat Elections 2022: How will political equations change with Rahul Gandhi’s entry in Gujarat elections?

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: The Gujarat election has now entered...

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: The Gujarat election has now entered its last phase. Elections in Gujarat will be held in two phases on December 1 and December 5. There are not many days left in this. Ever since the election campaign in Gujarat intensified, there was only one question in the minds of the people of Gujarat, that why Congress is missing from this election? But now these questions have come to an end to some extent.

How strong is Congress in Gujarat?
A big question in the Gujarat elections is whether the Congress is fighting with its full might in the battle of Gujarat? The biggest reason behind the raising of this question was that the veteran leaders of the Congress sided with Gujarat. Many questions were also raised on Rahul Gandhi, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is busy in Bharat Jodo Yatra except campaigning in Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections.

Will Rahul’s entry in Gujarat be beneficial?
However, in Himachal, the Congress fielded many big faces for campaigning in the assembly elections. Priyanka Gandhi and Rajeev Shukla were seen in Himachal, but nothing like this could be seen in Gujarat. Now the news is coming that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is coming to Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi will go to Gujarat on 22 November. Whether or not Congress will benefit from such a late entry of Congress in Gujarat will be known only on coming December 8.

Congress has not won in Gujarat since 1995
The Congress, which is fighting for its survival in Gujarat, has not won a single assembly election since 1995 anyway. In the 2017 assembly elections, the Congress had given a tough fight to the BJP. Now the entry of Aam Aadmi Party in the 2022 assembly elections has changed all the equations. Anyway, the vote bank of Congress has been a major reason behind AAP’s victory in Delhi and Punjab. This time in Gujarat, AAP is pushing with all its might. Regarding this, Congress experts believe that Congress will suffer the most due to this. Now on November 22, it will be interesting to see whether Rahul Gandhi’s entry will be able to end the dry war of Congress.

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