Gujarat Election 2022 CM Of Saurashtra Uchangrai Dhebar Who Lived In A Two Room House Used A Bathroom Without Taps

Gujarat Election 2022: As soon as the name of the...

Gujarat Election 2022: As soon as the name of the Chief Minister of any state comes to mind, an impressive picture of a politician, his luxurious bungalow, security arrangements and glamor comes to the fore. The Chief Minister is the head of any state, all the powers of the state are included under him. But there have been some chief ministers in history who preferred to lead a simple life. Let us tell you in this story about the Chief Minister who lives such a simple life.

Chief Minister Uchrangarbhai Dhebar
Actually, in the year 1960, Gujarat came into existence as a state. The Saurashtra Legislative Assembly came into existence six years before the formation of the state of Gujarat and the leader of the House and the first Chief Minister of Saurashtra State was Uchrangarbhai Dhebar. Uchrangbhai Dhebar, who had a very simple life and administrative efficiency, was popularly known as ‘Dhebarbhai’. Dhebarbhai, a lawyer by profession, came in contact with Gandhiji and quit his legal practice and entered full-time public life.

Dhebarbhai was different
Dhebarbhai was different from the current Chief Ministers who lead a luxurious life. They lived in a two room house. There was a normal bathroom outside, which didn’t even have a tap. Water had to be carried in the bathroom by filling buckets from outside. Dhebarbhai used to sit on the carpet spread in the room, discuss with his ministers there and after lunch he used to lie down there. When a public delegation or any person used to come to meet him, he would also meet in the same room.

far away from the limelight
Dhebarbhai was known as a Gandhian, popular and efficient Chief Minister, staying far away from the limelight and fully committed to public works. Dhebarbhai’s lifestyle was very simple and very simple. Dhebarbhai’s residence was the old and dilapidated sanatorium of the then Dr. Keshubhai of Rajkot. There was a wooden bed in his bedroom. Dhebarbhai lived alone because of being a widower. When someone came to meet him, there was no sofa or chair in the house for him to sit. The guests had to sit on the common bed.

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