Gujarat Election Congress Candidate Paresh Dhanani Arrived With His Wife On A Scooter To File Nomination

Gujarat Election 2022: Monday was the last day for filing...

Gujarat Election 2022: Monday was the last day for filing nominations for the first phase of Gujarat Assembly elections 2022. Voting is to be held on 89 seats for the 182-member Gujarat Assembly on December 1. On the last day of nomination, Congress MLA from Amreli seat, Paresh Dhanani refrained from lashkar. In his nomination, Dhanani neither took a convoy of vehicles nor workers for appearances. Rather, Congress MLA Paresh Dhanani arrived with his wife on a scooter to file nomination papers.

Dhanani roams the city on a two-wheeler

Actually, Paresh Dhanani is known for roaming in his city on a two-wheeler. They are even seen making and drinking tea at roadside stalls in the city. Paresh Dhanani has been the Leader of the Opposition in the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly. Dhanani has won from Amreli seat in 2002, 2012 and 2017 and now he is preparing to win for the fourth time from here.

Mansukh Kalaria also arrived on a two-wheeler

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Similarly, Congress candidate from Rajkot (West) Assembly seat Mansukh Kalaria also reached the collector’s office in his two-wheeler to file his nomination papers. The first phase of polling is to be held in Gujarat on December 1, for which Tuesday is the last day to file nominations.

At the same time, all the parties have given their full strength in election campaign and management. On behalf of BJP, PM Narendra Modi himself has taken command of the election campaign. Congress is also making every effort to return to power after 27 years, former party president Rahul Gandhi will address two big rallies in Gujarat, while Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is making frequent visits to Gujarat. The results of the Gujarat elections will come on December 8.

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