Gujarat Elections 2022 Lady Don Son Kandhal Jadeja Will Contest On Samajwadi Party Ticket Said Only Name Is Enough To Win The Election | Gujarat Elections 2022: Lady Don’s son Kandhal Jadeja will contest on Samajwadi Party ticket

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022: Kandhal Jadeja, son of lady mafia...

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2022: Kandhal Jadeja, son of lady mafia don Santokben Sarmanbhai Jadeja, has claimed that his name alone is enough to win the Gujarat assembly elections. Kandhal Jadeja is the Samajwadi Party candidate from Kutiyana seat in Porbandar district. Recently, he left the party after not getting ticket from Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

The film “The Godmother” was made on her.
Shabana Azmi’s 1999 film “Godmother” was based on the life of Santokben Sarmanbhai Jadeja. ‘Lady Don’ had been an MLA from Porbandar’s Kutiana seat from 1990 to 1995. According to police records, she had more than 500 criminal cases against her, apart from the murder of 14 murderers of her husband, Sarman Munja Jadeja.

What did Kandhal Jadeja say

Her son Kandhal Jadeja is carrying forward the legacy of his mother. He said that it does not matter to Kandhal Jadeja whether he is fighting on a political party ticket or as an independent because according to him he will win because people vote for his work. Jadeja first won the Kutiyana assembly seat as an NCP candidate in 2012, when the Nationalist Congress Party had an electoral alliance with the Congress.

People used to vote out of fear in the 80-90s
Looking at his family background, Jadeja was asked whether people vote for him out of fear or love. On this Jadeja said that “If you had asked me this in the 80-90s, I would have said – out of fear, then voting was done on ballot paper”. Now there is EVM. He said that people vote for me because of my work. Everyone here knows me because I have spent my whole life here and I have a big family here. This is my mother’s village.

when will the polling be held
This time in Gujarat, voting is going to be held in two phases for 182 seats. Voting on 89 seats will be held in the first phase on December 1. The second phase of polling for the remaining 93 seats is to be held on December 5. The results of this election will come on 8 December.

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