Gurugram News Successful Surgery Of A Woman With Two Uterus, ‘Laparoscopic Surgery’ Done In Gurugram Hospital

Gurugram News: A 56-year-old woman with 'uterus didelphis' underwent successful...

Gurugram News: A 56-year-old woman with ‘uterus didelphis’ underwent successful ‘laparoscopic surgery’ at a private hospital in Gurugram. ‘Uterus didelphis’ is a condition that causes abnormal bleeding after menopause. This is a condition when a woman develops two uterus instead of one. Doctors at CK Birla Hospital said that the treatment was successful, the patient is recovering and there is no pain or bleeding.

Two uterus found in examination

The patient said, “On May 8, a few days before my daughter’s wedding, I had postmenopausal bleeding and it was very unusual. After the test it was found that I had two uterus and I was never aware of this. After that delivery, then the condition of double uterus could not be detected. I could not understand.

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Along with this, the woman said, “When I conceived for my second and third child and gave birth to the child both times by caesarean method, even then the uterus didelphis could not be detected.” Doctor Aruna, who did laparoscopic surgery. Kalra said that after the ultrasonograph it was revealed that the patient had uterine didelphis problem which required immediate surgery. He told that the team did a successful surgery.

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