Masjid Survey: Survey work has started again in Gyanvapi, Varanasi from 8 am today. According to the time fixed by the court, this survey will run till 12 noon. This survey will continue till it is completed. Its report will be presented before the court on May 17. It is being told that the survey team can enter inside the mosque. So the survey will start at 8 o’clock but before that the ABP news reporter reached the area of ​​the mosque, where the survey team was stopped from going, what our correspondent Mohammad Moin saw in the inner area of ​​the mosque. Explains in this report.

The most talked about cellars have been closed for years.

Our correspondent Mohammad Moin entered the Gyanvapi Masjid from Gate No. 4 for Friday prayers, due to which about 1500 people had come to offer Namaz. After entering through the gate, walking a few steps to the left, first of all, a part attached to the wall of the mosque, which is seen to be broken pillars, on which artefacts are made, in the claim of the Hindu side, this part was broken by the temple and mosque. Presented as proof of making. After moving forward from this part, the gate of the mosque comes about 50 meters away. The mosque complex is built at a height of 5 to 6 meters from the ground surface. Talking about the basement in the mosque, many doors have also been seen in it. There were iron doors at some places and wooden doors were installed at some places. The biggest thing… all the doors were tied with iron chains and these chains were locked. Seeing them, it seemed that these doors had not been opened for years.

Under the dome is the sanctum sanctorum of the mosque

After entering the mosque, a dome is visible, just below which is the sanctum sanctorum. People offered prayers in the sanctum itself. Part of the sanctum sanctorum is made of Mughal stone. Beautiful carvings have been done on its roofs. The height of these terraces is 30 feet high. After this the verandah is seen. And a big gate is visible in the middle of the verandah. Then there is also a courtyard where there is a Wazukhana and here Wudu is performed before offering Namaz. There is also a pond near Vajukhana.

Such signs found in the pillar which give rise to controversy

There are pillars near the gate number 4 of the mosque, where there are some such signs which give rise to controversy. However, except for the pillar, nothing was found that gives rise to controversy. The part that has been talked about so far is for the common people. Where people can come easily, but now we will talk further about that part of the mosque where there is a restriction on the movement of common people.

place of controversy

The ABP reporter also tried to understand that what is the place in the Gyanvapi complex, about which there is a dispute. In fact, there is a cellar near the gate, about which the Hindu side claims that evidence of a temple can be found in this basement. On excavation in this basement, strong evidence can be found that there was a temple here earlier and the mosque was built after demolishing the temple. Let us tell you that after the order of the court, the way to open the basement has also been cleared. Evidence of the existence of a temple can be found anywhere other than this basement, our correspondent investigated this.

There are some marks on the pillar near the dome of the mosque.

There is a pillar near the dome of the mosque which is in a dilapidated condition and moss has also settled on it. There is a doubt about this pillar that some signs can be found if it and its surroundings are properly investigated. However, the survey work has started and now it will become milk of milk and water of water.

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