Hajj Yatra 2022: There is good news for those who live in Mecca and Medina, the holy pilgrimage site of Islam. After two years, Haj pilgrimage is going to start again. This year 2072 people will be able to go on Haj pilgrimage from Rajasthan. The preparations for visa and passport for the passengers are almost done. It is being told that before the Corona period, about 5400 pilgrims from Rajasthan used to go to Haj, but now in view of the epidemic, the Saudi government has reduced the number of Haj pilgrims. The decision of the Saudi government has had an impact on the pilgrims wishing for Hajj. Now only 2072 people will be able to perform Haj pilgrimage from Rajasthan.

Flight will fly from Delhi and not from Jaipur

Jaipur Haj House in-charge Firoz Khan says that the flight can be confirmed any day after May 31 to June 16. This time Haj pilgrims will not take flight from Jaipur but from Delhi. He said that earlier the flight used to fly directly from Jaipur to Saudi Arabia.

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Haj training camp will be organized from May 16

But this time due to the change in the rules, the Rajasthan government will provide air-conditioned buses to the people going for Haj from Jaipur to Delhi. He told that after the completion of the process of documents, training camps will be organized before going for Haj. Five-day training camps will be organized from May 16. Haj related information will be made available to the pilgrims in the training center.

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