Covid Survivors: The world’s most famous journal The Lancet claimed that even after two years, corona infections have been found in cured patients. Half of the patients admitted to the hospital after being infected with the corona virus have at least one symptom even after two years. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine has said in a study that evidence suggests that it has long-term effects on many organs of patients who have recovered from corona.

In the study, the Lancet has further said that despite the severity of the initial disease, there has been a physical and mental improvement in the health of corona patients. Within 2 years, these patients returned to their work, but symptoms were found at high levels. In these 2 years, the health condition of the survivors of Corona was significantly lower than that of the general population. The findings drawn in the research have shown that there is a need to find long covid pathogenesis and effective interventions to reduce the risk of epidemics of corona.

need to take immediate action

It is being said that after acute infection, corona can remain continuously for a long period of 2 years. Which shows that better and immediate steps are needed for this. The Lancet has said that in order to reduce the impact of corona, future studies should find out the pathogenesis and proceed with a better strategy. There are a large number of people who have recovered from corona disease so far, but even after this, the symptoms of corona in these people express deep concern, which can increase the medical and socio-economic burden.

long lasting effect

Recently, Britain said in the month of April that not a single patient out of 4 hospitalized due to corona has recovered from this disease even after a year, which shows that the effect of this disease in people infected with corona. Will be there for a long time. Patients who have recovered from corona infection show symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, poor sleep and breathlessness, which indicates that the symptoms of corona in these patients are long-lasting and without effective treatment, the disease can lead to a long-term condition. Can do.

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