Hamirpur News: In Hamirpur district of UP, due to non-fulfillment of dowry demand, a procession returned without a bride, after which the girl’s father married his daughter to a relative. The girl’s father says that along with the groom, most of the baraatis were under the influence of alcohol. After which he created a ruckus over not getting the motorcycle in dowry, beat up the people of the bride’s side and took the procession back. After which the girl was married to a relative of hers.

Drunk groom took back the procession

This case of returning the procession is of Kunehta village in Biwar police station area. Here on May 9, a procession came from Chandokhi village of Sadar Kotwali area. Whose bride’s side did a lot according to their status, but as soon as the procession reached the bride’s door, Sudhir’s eyes fell on the dowry. The bike was not seen for him in this dowry, due to which the groom got angry and started threatening to take back the procession if the bike was not found. There was a dispute between the bride and groom regarding this matter. The bride’s father, Babu Mishra, says that the intoxicated groom and bridegroom have also assaulted him for demanding the bike.

daughter’s marriage with relative

After all this controversy, the police was informed about it. Even after a lot of struggle, the people of the groom’s side did not agree and then took the procession back. The girl’s father said that to save her honour, she got her daughter married with family relative Pankaj Tiwari. The boy had come to attend the marriage on behalf of the bride’s side at that time. But later after marriage, his daughter was taken away.

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