Farmer Organization Meeting in Karnal: A meeting of farmer organizations was held under the leadership of the United Kisan Morcha in Karnal, Haryana. This meeting of farmers took place in the Gurudwara of Assandh. In this, discussions were held regarding the high voltage tower being installed in the fields. It was told in the meeting that compensation of Rs 15 lakh per tower should be given to the farmers and proper amount should also be given to the fields from where electricity wires are coming out. Otherwise, the farmer will oppose the administration and will work to fill the pits that have been dug for the tower.

Amrit Bugga told that a Mahapanchayat was organized in Assandh on Saturday on behalf of United Kisan Morcha. High voltage wires are being removed from Bandarala and Danoli villages, which is being done against the wishes of the farmers. There is no protest on the part of the farmers for taking out the line, but in return they should get proper compensation. It should be given by the government. The government and administration are forcibly evicting the farmer from their fields. In such a situation, the farmer will not tolerate the towers being installed.

Separate meeting of all farmer leaders

He warns the government that either the farmers should be given their due compensation, otherwise the farmers themselves will fill the pits made for the installation of towers. All the farmer leaders who reached the Mahapanchayat had a separate meeting. In the meeting, the decision in favor of the farmers was discussed, whatever decision will be taken, it will be accepted by all the farmers. The demand of the farmers is that they should be given Rs 15 lakh. The number of police has been called by the administration. The same number of farmers are also present.

Administration is pushing with farmers

Happy Olakh told that for the last many years the process is going on for the installation of the tower. We have appealed to the administration many times to sit and talk with the farmers, the compensation that is made should be given. Instead of negotiating, the administration is pushing with the farmers by imposing police force. This will not be allowed to happen. Thousands of farmers have gathered in the Gurudwara of Assandh in protest against this. Farmer leaders are holding their meeting. A face-to-face decision can also be taken with the administration.

BJP taking anti-farmer decisions: Congress MLA

On the other hand, Congress MLA Shamsher Singh Gogi, who is from Karnal lightly, said that a big meeting of the Kisan Union is being held. Ever since the BJP government was formed, it is taking anti-farmer decisions. The electricity department should give compensation to the farmers in return for using their land. The big line is used for the state. By installing a tower in 1 acre, one and a half kanal of land goes into it. Get money for mobile tower. Money should also be given for this. “I fully support the farmers on behalf of the Congress party,” he said.

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