Haryana Police: On checking the vehicle recovered from suspected terrorists caught at Karnal Bastara toll plaza, 2 RCs were found. These are fake found by the investigation team during the verification of RC. Based on this, a case was registered in Madhuban on May 10. Nitin Sharma of Amdpur Saha, a resident of Ambala has been named in the case. Police team has got important lead in the case, soon accused Nitin Sharma will be arrested.

Verification of the information received by the police is going on

The SP said that the case is going on against the accused Nitin Sharma in Yamunanagar as well, while the case is going on in Jammu as well. In this case, the accused has also come in jail. He said that a lot of information has been received by the Karnal police regarding the matter, their verification is being done. The accused Rajbir, Jashn and Akashdeep have been taken on remand by the Punjab Police, after the end of their remand period, the Karnal police will also bring the accused to Karnal on remand so that more information can be gathered regarding the case.

The matter will be revealed after the arrest of Nitin Sharma

He said that after the arrest of Nitin Sharma, all the information will be available. Police teams are seriously investigating keeping in mind every aspect. There will be a meeting with the police teams regarding the matter. In which it will be decided that the remand of which accused is to be extended. He said that the accused had also come to Nadend in Hyderabad with explosives, that area also has to be identified.

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