Hathras Hanuman Idol Found During Excavation In A Bca Office Premises Ann

UP News: An idol of Hanuman ji has been found...

UP News: An idol of Hanuman ji has been found in the excavation of land in the premises of BSA Office in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. In the Ramanpur area of ​​the district, this excavation has been done on the initiative of Hindus and on the insistence of an alleged Baba. The local people have installed this statue under a tree. People say that they are contemplating to build a temple at this place.

Claim to see Hanuman ji in dream

The land was excavated with permission from the administration. A so-called Baba named Pankaj told the local people that he had a dream, this excavation was done on Baba’s insistence. This alleged Baba is a resident of village Meetai in the district and used to worship in the temples of Mumbai and Gujarat. He claims that he used to see Hanuman ji in his dream. Pankaj said, ‘Hanuman ji used to say that I am buried inside the earth, I am suffocating here. Take me out.’ But the place was not known. Baba claims that Hanuman ji showed him the right place to show him the right place of prayer.

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started digging without permission

Today this so called Baba came near BSA office in Ramanpur in the morning and started digging. On stopping, all the people and people of Hinduist organization gathered there. The Hindus took the initiative and took permission from the administration for excavation in which this idol has come out of the ground. In this case, the sub-district officer of Hathras says that the statue has been kept at the nearby Chamunda Devi temple. Regarding the construction of the temple, he says that if the demand is made and the memorandum comes, it will be sent to the government.

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