Health Tips:What Is Kombucha Used By Bollywood Stars, Know Its Benefits

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha You must be hearing the name...

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha You must be hearing the name Kombucha for the first time. Kombucha is a mild energizing drink similar to black or green tea. It is extensively consumed for its health benefits. It contains some healthy elements that are considered good for your stomach and are often used for weight loss. Many Bollywood stars also use it to make themselves fit and energetic. So let’s know what is kombucha drink and what are its benefits.

what is kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented black tea. In this, black tea is fermented with the help of tea fungus. This process lasts from a few days to a few weeks and sugar is also used in it. Once fermented, you can mix it with ingredients as per your wish. It can be drunk both hot or cold. It is caffeine free.

benefits of drinking kombucha

Tasty Tea

While kombucha is slowly fermenting, several enzymes present in it convert the sugars and tea into a mildly sour, carbonated and refreshing drink over a period of 7 to 10 days, making it taste great.

best for intestines

Kombucha generally contains many acids, vitamins and some hydrolytic enzymes which are beneficial for the gut.

reduces the risk of cancer

Kombucha also helps in reducing the risk of cancer. The bacteria found inside it prevents cancer cells from growing. However, more research is still needed on this.

weight loss remedy

Green tea is said to be the best for weight loss. Although it is wrong to compare it. But when you make kombucha out of tea, it also keeps your intestines healthy and also helps you in losing weight.

keep liver healthy

Kombucha kills such elements in the body which cause harm to the body. In addition, kombucha also keeps the liver healthy and protects it from things that can harm it.

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