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CM Hemant Soren Disqualification: The Election Commission has recommended the...

CM Hemant Soren Disqualification: The Election Commission has recommended the cancellation of the assembly membership of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Now it is believed that he will have to resign from the post of Chief Minister. Hemant Soren had taken the mines on lease in his name while being the CM. Former Chief Minister of the state Raghuvar Das and BJP had given a written complaint to Governor Ramesh Bais calling it a violation of the Office of Profit and Representation of the People Act. On this, the Governor had sought the opinion of the Central Election Commission. The Election Commission has recommended the cancellation of the assembly membership of Hemant Soren in the intention sent to the Governor after hearing on this issue.

‘How will you be able to buy public support’
Meanwhile, a huge crowd gathered outside the house of CM Hemant Soren. People are raising slogans in his support. Hemant Soren has tweeted and said, “If you buy constitutional institutions, how will you be able to buy public support? This affection of thousands of our hardworking policemen of Jharkhand and the support of the people here is my strength. We are ready! Jai Jharkhand!

BJP also attacked
After the recommendation of the Election Commission to cancel the assembly membership of Hemant Soren, the BJP is also an attacker. On this matter, former CM of the state and BJP leader Raghubar Das has said, “See what action the governor takes. Not only should Hemant Soren’s membership be lost, but he should also be disqualified from contesting elections. Since this case is corruption, action should be taken against them under PC Act. He has misused his position.

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It is being told that Hemant Soren’s assembly membership will end as soon as the Governor’s order is issued on the instructions of the Election Commission. In such a situation, he will have to resign. Since Hemant Soren, the leader of the coalition, has a majority in the assembly, so after his resignation, he can claim to form the government afresh and become the Chief Minister again. Meanwhile, Hemant Soren’s party JMM has asked all its MLAs to reach Ranchi by evening. It is not yet clear whether Hemant Soren has been disqualified from contesting elections. If the commission recommended his disqualification, it would be difficult for him to continue as chief minister.

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