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Shake For Weight Gain: Nowadays most people are troubled by...

Shake For Weight Gain: Nowadays most people are troubled by obesity, but there are some people who are worried about their thinness. Such people do not seem to have eaten or drank anything. No matter how hard you try, weight gain does not take its name. Those who want to be fat, it is also necessary to take a good diet along with exercise. Healthy and high calorie food should be eaten to gain weight. Today we are telling you to make such shakes which you will find delicious to drink and will also help in increasing weight. You can prepare them as smoothies or shakes. Let us know which high calorie protein shake should be drunk to gain weight.

1- Dark Chocolate with Almond Butter Shake- Make and drink this shake rich in protein, carbs and fat. It contains a lot of calories, which help in gaining weight. You can easily make this shake at home.
Shake recipe- You take 2 cups of milk and 1 dark chocolate which should be melted. Add 1 tsp chocolate protein powder and 2 tsp almond butter to it. Blend all well. High-calorie protein shake is ready.

2- Banana with Strawberry Shake- Banana is one such fruit which helps a lot in increasing weight. You can make different types of shakes from bananas. You can also add some strawberries to enhance the taste of the shake.
Shake recipe- For this you need 2 cups of milk and 1 banana. You put 4-5 strawberries in it. Use milk with full cream fat. Now blend it and add sweetener according to taste.

3- Peanut Butter with Banana Shake- Peanut butter helps in increasing obesity. If you mix banana with it, then it becomes the perfect food to gain weight. If you drink this protein shake for a few days, then you will start seeing the difference.
Shake recipe- To make this shake, 1 big cup plain curd and 1 banana are needed. You add 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and one and a half cups of milk to it. You blend these things.

4- Chocolate with Avocado Shake- Although eating avocado leads to rapid weight gain, but if you mix chocolate in it, then it becomes rich in calories. Drinking this shake rich in fat and nutrients increases weight.
Shake recipe- To make avocado shake, you need one and a half cup of milk and 1 ripe avocado. You add 1 chocolate and 1 banana to it. Blend all the things. High protein shake is ready.

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