Himachal Pradesh Tourism Breaks All Previous Records As More Than 66 Lakh Tourist Visit In State Ann

Tourist in Himachal Pradesh: Himachal's tourism season, which has been...

Tourist in Himachal Pradesh: Himachal’s tourism season, which has been hit by Kovid-19 for two years, has broken many previous records this time. It is also expected that in view of the crowd of tourists in Himachal, this time the figure will be around 2 crores. This time the tourism season had started 15 days before the increase in heat. Because of which tourists from the plains are turning to the mountains in search of peace.

Till May 31, 66 lakh 79 thousand 145 tourists have reached Himachal Pradesh. It is being estimated that this figure of tourists will be much higher in the month of June. However, the number of foreign tourists has come down drastically. Of these, the number of foreign tourists is only 4303. Whereas in 2020 only 32 lakh and in 2021 only 55 lakh tourists had turned to Himachal Pradesh throughout the year.

This time more tourists arrived in the month of May as compared to 2019

Amit Kashyap, Managing Director of Himachal Tourism Corporation said that before Kovid, in 2019, 1 crore 72 lakh 12 thousand 107 tourists had arrived in a year. In which 17 lakh 81 thousand 885 tourists came to Himachal in the month of April while 17 lakh 27 thousand 329 tourists reached Himachal in the month of May. In comparison to this, 17 lakh 47 thousand 727 tourists visited Himachal in the month of April in the current year while 19 lakh 67 thousand 984 tourists reached Himachal in the month of May. That is, the number of tourists increased during the month of May in 2022 as compared to 2019.

Decline in the number of foreign tourists

But there has been a sharp decline in the number of foreign tourists in this. In May 2019, 41 thousand 276 foreign tourists came to Himachal, which has come down to only 2020 in 2022 because the foreign tourism sector has not yet emerged due to Corona. He said that due to the increase in the income of tourists, Himachal Tourism Rules are also earning a lot and the corporation is recovering from the loss of Corona.

Happiness among the people of Himachal tourism area

Nowadays there is a gathering of tourists in the tourist places of Himachal. Roads are getting jammed for hours while hotels are running fully packed. Every day 5 thousand vehicles are entering Shimla itself. The number of tourists increases even more on the weekend. People associated with Himachal tourism sector are very happy with the crowd of tourists.

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