How To Boost Kids Immunity Vegetables For Boost Immunity How To Protect Kids From Coronavirus

Vegetable For Kids HealthThe danger of corona is not over...

Vegetable For Kids HealthThe danger of corona is not over yet. In such a situation, special care should be taken of the immunity of children. Children have not yet got the corona vaccine, in such a situation, the number of children in new cases of corona is coming very high. To protect against corona and other diseases, you should focus on increasing the immunity of children. For this, give them a diet rich in nutrients. This will strengthen the immunity of the children and they will not fall ill soon. You should include such fruits and vegetables in the diet of children so that immunity can be strengthened. Today we are telling you such vegetables, feeding which will help in the physical and mental development of the child and will increase immunity.

These vegetables increase immunity

1- Broccoli- Many types of nutrients are found in broccoli. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which help in boosting immunity. In such a situation, keep in mind that you feed more and more broccoli to your children. You can feed them broccoli in the form of soup or vegetable.

2- Spinach- Actually, many types of nutrients like vitamin C, E, antioxidants, iron, carotenoids and other elements are found in spinach, which is very important for the health of children. By consuming spinach, immunity increases, as well as iron deficiency in the body of children is fulfilled and not only this, but it also fulfills the deficiency of vitamins.

3- Sweet potato- Sweet potato is as sweet as its name and this is the reason why most of the kids like it. Actually, beta carotene is found in high quantity in sweet potato which is an antioxidant and this is the reason why it proves beneficial for health. Consuming it helps in increasing immunity, as it is considered to be a great source of Vitamin A.

4- Turmeric- By the way, turmeric is used in all vegetables, which is a very good thing in a way. Turmeric has such properties that help the body in increasing immunity, so it is said that more and more turmeric powder should be used in vegetables so that immunity remains.

5- Ginger-garlic- Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties are found in ginger, which are very important for health and health gets many benefits from it. On the other hand, some such elements are found in garlic which prevent cold. In this way, the consumption of both these things can be beneficial for your health. Keep in mind that you should definitely consume both these things for your children.

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