How To Cure Toothache At Night

Toothache : Toothache can happen at any age. So it...

Toothache : Toothache can happen at any age. So it can be wrong for you to ignore it. At the same time, if we talk about its reasons, then toothache can be due to many common and serious reasons. If you consume too much cold or sour things, then you may have a problem of toothache. Apart from this, toothache can also occur due to infection and bacterial problems. Some people may have to deal with the problem of toothache much more at night than during the day. In such a situation, with some easy measures, you can overcome the problem of toothache. Let us know about these measures-

Mint tea

If your teeth are hurting a lot during the night, then take mint tea. Peppermint juice can be effective in reducing pain by reaching between the teeth.

eat cloves

Eugenol present in cloves is effective in reducing pain. In case of toothache at night, grind cloves and apply it on your teeth. This can get rid of toothache. Apart from this, clove tea can also be beneficial for your teeth.

Garlic is beneficial

Garlic can be used to reduce the problem of toothache. The anti-bacterial element present in garlic can reduce toothache. It can provide relief from pain by reducing the bacteria and cavities present in the teeth.

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