Hurricane Fiona Powerful Storm Hit Canada So Many Trees Uprooted Power Cut In 5 Lakh Houses

Hurricane Fiona: Hurricane Fiona, which hit Canada on Saturday morning,...

Hurricane Fiona: Hurricane Fiona, which hit Canada on Saturday morning, has wreaked havoc. Due to the storm, the wind speed was very high and due to the heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms, large trees fell in many places and the power system was completely destroyed. More than 500,000 homes have lost power in eastern Canada. People are suffering without electricity and water.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall on Saturday morning

Severe Hurricane Fiona in Canada made landfall early Saturday morning, bringing heavy rain with strong winds across eastern Canada and power outages for half a million people. Eight people have reportedly died in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic due to the storm.

According to the Canadian Hurricane Center, the storm hit eastern Gaisborough County, N.S., on Saturday morning. Crossed over and because of this it rained with strong wind. Let us tell you that earlier it was being described as a destructive storm.

Electricity service has been severely affected

The storm toppled several trees across the region, some electric wires also fell on cars and homes, causing power outages and forcing people to remain in the dark. The mayor and council of Cape Breton Regional Municipality have declared a state of local emergency amid widespread power cuts, road traffic closures and damage to homes.

Big trees have fallen on many houses

Amanda McDougall, Mayor of Cape Breton Regional Municipality, told the Associated Press that “there are many houses that have been severely damaged by the falling of large old trees. Some houses have completely broken roofs, broken windows There is a huge amount of debris accumulated in the roadways. Also there has been a lot of damage to the goods and structures but well, there is no injury to the people. Again we are still in the middle of this.

people were already alerted

About 1.50 lakh people were alerted in the country before the storm. News agency ANI quoted the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) as saying that two of Canada’s largest airlines Air Canada and WestJet Airlines suspended regional service after Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Nova Scotia in eastern Canada early on Saturday.

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