Husband Kissed Her Wife In Ayodhya Sarayu River After That People Beaten Up Him Watch This Viral Video | Watch: Husband publicly kissed his wife while bathing in Sarayu river of Ayodhya, people thrashed her

Husband Kissed her Wife in Ayodhya: A grand Ram temple...

Husband Kissed her Wife in Ayodhya: A grand Ram temple is being constructed in Ayodhya. In such a situation, many devotees go there to have darshan. But here a strange case has come to the fore. Here husband and wife were bathing in the Sarayu River. Meanwhile, the husband kissed his wife in the open. But the eyes of the people present there went on him. People objected to this and beat up the husband. The video of the case is going viral on social media.

In this video, young husband and wife are seen taking a bath among the people in the river Saryu. During this, the husband kissed the wife. But it broke as a disaster for which husband? His wife would not have even thought that this kiss would be so heavy that her husband would be publicly beaten up. One after the other the youths start beating and within a few seconds this process turns into mass beating. Treating the Saryu river as a water park has become such a lesson for this new couple that they will not forget for the rest of their lives.

yoga day event

This incident happened on Tuesday. On the banks of the river Saryu, yoga was practiced on Yoga-Day on Tuesday. Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav also attended the program. It is being told that this incident happened two hours after the minister’s departure. Late night, two videos related to this also surfaced. In this, the husband is seen kissing his wife while taking a bath. In the second he is being beaten up.

Other people were taking a bath with the family around

Those who raised objections said that their families were also present there, so they could not bear to spread obscenity by husband and wife. People objected and said that such indecency should not be done in public places. The policemen of Lakshman Ghat post, who reached the information, refused to say anything in the matter. A husband of about 30 years of age was beaten up by 2-3 people for 20 minutes. He sustained injuries on his face, shoulders and back.

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